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the book

REVISED and UPDATED with the new rules, including Remote ID, Operations Over People and Night Operations, a new FAA sample test, and a larger size (8.5″ x 11″) so it’s easier to use!

The objective of this textbook is to prepare the student for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification (Part §107) exam, by providing an understanding of the areas of study listed in section §107.73, the FAA Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards, and the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Guide. The course includes key sections on reading charts, understanding weather, aeronautical decision-making and UAS inspection and maintenance, along with a large amount of resource study materials. Updates include new material on Remote ID, Operations Over People (OOP) and Night Operations.

This revised edition also includes new material based on feedback from our students. An online video course presentation of this material is available at TheDroneProfessor.com. Our students passing the FAA exam using this material regularly report scores averaging 88% (70% is passing).

Understanding it the pathway to Knowledge, and