With this course and your e-book on Amazon, passed the test this afternoon. (John)

Great News! I took the test and got a 92. Coupled with your e-book(the course) is a shoe-in for a pass. Thanks!!! (Gary)

I found this course particularly helpful because it provided a good guide on exactly what topics one needs to study for the exam. The FAA’s links to what it considers relevant materials amount to hundreds of pages of reading, which was overwhelming. This course showed me what I needed to know and where I could find it in the supplementary materials, in addition to containing a lot of the information in its own right. I passed the exam with a 90% on the first try. I also enjoyed the instructor’s narration. The sound quality is good and the tone is very professional. (Paul Baker)

I passed the FAA remote airman’s certificate on the first try Honestly, I felt like I was over prepared. (Tim)

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